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Dan Rowton has done a lot of work for us and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.  He completely remodeled our kitchen and one bathroom.  He installed a new front door for us, a new back door, a pet door, patio doors, and wood flooring throughout our home.  He also installed a new ceiling fan and removed some old dark paneling in our dining room/den area, repaired those walls, and painted.  Now the room is light and bright.  He even hung my new curtains for me.


The kitchen and bathroom projects were big projects: both rooms had to be completely gutted, new sheetrock put up, walls mudded and painted, and ceilings repaired and painted.  In the kitchen, Dan installed new cabinets, countertops, a microwave above the stove, and recessed lighting.  He also extended one of the walls of the kitchen, which in turn, extended the hallway adjacent to the kitchen.  He was careful to match the ceiling and wall texture of the new portion of the hall so that it blended with the already existing hall.  We appreciated that attention to detail.  In the bathroom, like the kitchen, everything had to be replaced.  New shower, new toilet, etc.  He also installed a new exhaust fan, lights, and porcelain tiles.  Both rooms turned out beautifully.  We love them and can hardly remember how ugly they were before, and trust us, they were very ugly.


Dan has several traits that make him successful in his work.  One is his ability to discern your unspoken request or question.  He did that more than once with us.  Dan was also always open to suggestions or requests for changes and would let us know if what we wanted wouldn't work.  We appreciated his honesty.


As far as costs, we felt Dan was very reasonable; he gave us written quotes, and was always upfront about additional costs, if any, for changes we requested.  If you have remodeling  or other projects you want done in your home, you should try Dan out.  We don't think he'll disappoint you.



Fort Smith


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